high postassium bursing in hippocampal slices
inhibiting glycolysis blocks epilepsy in hippocampus
control wash glycolysis and epilepsy
pyruvate replacement hippocampus epilepsy
lactate replacement hippocampus epilepsy
figure 1. The effect of replacing extracellular glucose with alternate energy sources on  epleptiform bursting.  Extracellular recording from the CA3 area of a hippocampal slice exposed to an extracellular ACSF solution containing 7.5 mM glucose for 1 hour.  The normal extracellular solution containing 10 mM glucose was swiched to one where glucose was replaced by 20 mM lactate (A,B) or 20 mM pyruvate (C).  Data are presented as the frequency of eplipetiform bursting divided by the baseline burst frequency, n= 6 slices for part b, and n=9 slices for part C.
10 mM Glucose baseline
10 mM Glucose wash
0 mM Glucose + 20 mM lactate
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