Glycolic acid PEPCK and 3-MCP
glycolic acid chlorolactate thioglycolate  for  pepck are antiepileptic and anticonvulsant
oxaloacetate is antiepileptic and anticonvulsant
Figure 5.  The effect of substrates for PEPCK on epileptiform bursting.  A) Addition of oxaloacetate to slices in which glycolysis is not blocked reduced burting to 70 +/- 6 percent of control.  B)Alternative substrates for PEPCK that hydrolyze GTP to GDP, glycolic acid, b-chlorolactate and thiolactate also reduce epileptiform bursting to 77 +/-5  58 +/- 6 and 50 +/-6   % of control respectively (p<0.05 for all).  C) This antiepileptic effect of substrates for PEPCK is blocked by 3-MCP.
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